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Information sheet for potential drivers / shareholders


Dunedin Taxis has been in operation for over 75 years. The business started in 1938 and has gone through a number of changes. Most recent of these is our connection to the ‘Blue Bubble’ network – which is a nationwide collection of the best and biggest taxi companies in the country servicing national contracts while maintaining their local operations. High standards and good quality vehicles are a priority to the success of the Blue Bubble chain.

When you join Dunedin Taxis, you join as a shareholder (unless you are employed as a driver by one of the existing shareholders). This means you are part of the business rather than simply hired. You operate your own business under the umbrella of Dunedin Taxis and agree to adhere to the business rules and regulations which include a uniform and service standards. You are issued with shares in the company which are purchased from the company, if available or a previous shareholder who may have retired or moved on. The cost of these varies and would be advised when an application is successful and prior to you joining the fleet.

There are a few steps you need to follow in the application and acceptance process.

Step 1:

If you wish to be an owner operator with Dunedin Taxis then you need to have a P endorsement on your Licence and a photo ID.

To reiterate: Our fleet is made up of shareholders (who are owner operators). Dunedin Taxis does not employ drivers or contract owner operators – you are part of the business if accepted. If you have the appropriate certification the next step is your vehicle.

Step 2:

There are a number of requirements that need to be met to join our fleet:
The car must be white in colour and under 7 years of age on entry to our fleet. The exit age cannot exceed 10 without board approval. The vehicle needs to be fully registered, warranted and insured.
Vehicles in our fleet are generally wide bodied and over 1800cc unless authorised by the board. You can advise us of your vehicle details in your application.

Step 3:

If you meet step 1 and 2 – the next step is to apply to our board to be accepted to join our fleet.
This can be done via the Manager’s email:
The application needs to include:

Step 4: 

If your application is accepted, there are a few things you will need to do and the approval is subject to them:

Dunedin Taxis will offer you some training for our system and processes. If your intention is to drive for someone else who is already a shareholder with this business it is their duty to train you and the requirements above are then limited to only the licencing and application.  A permit here is made up of two parts:

Information you need to know:

TaxiCharge: Dunedin Taxis is a partner of TaxiCharge and you will become a merchant under Dunedin Taxis. This means you can process the voucher types we use and all account work goes through this system.  TaxiCharge deal with: Eftpos, credit cards, vouchers. Account work for some of our customers is currently done on in-car dockets. (Dockets you complete on the stationery provided) they are then processed by the company on your behalf and payments are made to you via TaxiCharge. 

Uniform: We have a compulsory uniform which you can purchase via the company. This does take a few days as it is ordered via Wellington where the stock is held for all Blue Bubble members. The staff in the office will assist you with this.

Costs: (these prices are current as at September 2017)

Your monthly costs will be approximately $1160 which include depot rent, airport rank and Blue Bubble livery fee.  Depot rent is charged for 12 months of the year.

As a shareholder you are responsible for the purchase of your own camera. You are also expected to get full insurance cover for the in vehicle equipment that is provided. It is recommended that this amount be documented as $5k to ensure adequate cover.

Note: It is important to realise when looking at these costs for the Dunedin area; that we are not only one of the cheaper fleets to join but we have the most sophisticated software/hardware in the Dunedin Taxi business. In 2014 the company invested approximately $600,000k in new technology to operate smarter using the MTData system, the system went live in October 2014.

Estimates of earnings: Obviously this varies between drivers and shifts but working to potential you could expect to make on average $1,500 per week plus. This is not a quote; rather it is a guide to assist you in your choice.

We welcome applications from business minded people who are interested in managing their own career in this industry. Take control and determine your own income by the effort applied. There are designated shifts with our fleet and only one compulsory portion of an all night shift which is done by all drivers on a rostered basis. (which is approximately every 5 weeks for a couple of days).

If you wish to apply to the board for acceptance to the fleet send an email application, fax or letter addressed to the Manager.

For further information:

Contact: (03) 4777700